I am a digital artist. My main focus is photography with extreme digital editing processing. This means that I am creating pictures and graphics from architectural, natural and abstract subjects with often surreal components. My favourite themes are front facades of modern buildings or parts of them, which I'm digitally editing and finally changing it into a futuristic digital creation.

Greta Schnall, was born 1964 in Germany, Bavaria.
She lives in the beautiful Chiemgau Region since many years.
Photography itself has been her passion for many years. The digital photography and later the subsequent digital processing showed her new and interesting ways of presenting things that surround us.
Since 2006, Greta Schnall has specialized in nature photography, especially macro photography. She later discovered landscape photography for herself. In 2008 she began with digital image processing, which she soon practiced with increasing effort. Around 2010 she started to work with architectural photography. Especially in this area, she is continuously expanding her digital processing methods to this day. She loves cubism, surrealism and architecture. In her works she tries to bring these themes together.

Her statement: first of all, the viewer should have a so-called "aha experience". After looking at them for a while, it should become clear to him that these are actually real buildings.
The combination of the elements architecture, cubism and surrealism should give the artwork absolute originality in its creation, style and individual expression. Above all, this combination should make the viewer realize that even the simplest buildings can be designed in an exciting way in the mind with enough imagination, so this is therefore also possible in most other areas of life and can often even be implemented in the reality.
So I would like to show how the simple, often depressing architecture on photos can be changed imaginatively and excitingly with extreme image processing. In this way you can go from the purely functional to the imaginative motif, which you can be inspired by in a variety of ways.


Photos of skyscrapers or city skylines from around the world have fascinated me for a long time. Since I don't have such scenes in my surroundings, I've tried to enhance these subjects through digital image editing. I search for modern buildings in new residential areas or industrial zones in nearby cities, preferably with geometric structural or decorative elements. Then, I photograph their facades or parts of their facades. At this point, I usually have a rough idea of the final product in mind. Afterward, I systematically and repeatedly edit the image using various digital editing programs.


Photos of heavily edited natural subjects have always fascinated me, as I believe that through this process, the beauty and unique characteristics of nature become even more apparent. Especially 'ordinary' natural scenes (although nature itself is already something extraordinary) or buildings can, with a bit of imagination - as with many things in life - become even more special and spectacular. In nature, too, we find a kind of natural craftsmanship (architecture), both in plants and in the landscape.

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